Abstract Necklace "Uncle J"

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Are you looking for an intriguing statement necklace?

The idea of the aesthetic of the cool inspires our "Uncle J" necklace. In the African and African American communities, it is the idea of the smoothness that a person exhibits while doing something fast-paced or complex with ease. 

"Uncle J" reflects the coolness factor I see in the character of the black men that have impacted my life, imparticular my Uncle Joe.

Elegantly handcrafted with brass using our special polish and sealing process to maintain the brilliance of this unique necklace.

A great conversation starter piece!

  • Brass (sealed)
  • Lightweight
  • Each piece, although similar, will vary a bit in style/look; these pieces are intricately shaped by hand.
  • Pendant approx: 7 inches in length, 4 3/4 inches wide