Gold-Filled vs. Gold Plating, What is the Difference?

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Gold-filled, or gold overlay, is a made by bonding a thin layer of 14K or 12K gold by heat and pressure to a brass core. 1/20 notion associated with gold filled items refers to the ratio of karat gold to brass core by weight, which 5%.

Key Facts about Gold-Filled Jewelry

  • Gold covers the brass surface, making it tarnish resistant
  • The value of gold-filled is higher than gold-plated due to the higher percentage of gold used, which is an actual layer of gold and not a microscopic film.
  • The gold-filled wire and components that we use here at Eclectically Simple meet federal quality standards.
  • Most importantly gold-filled jewelry is economical and allows for the same look of gold at a fraction of the cost.

Gold-Filled Illustration

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