Breaking the Rules The Eclectically Simple Way

Be Bold, Be You After Labor Day

Breaking the Rules Confidently

Before we begin our Labor Day celebration and historical blast-from-the-past recollection, the Eclectically Simple Team wants to express one important thought when it comes to whether you should wear white after Labor Day:

Be Confident. Be Bold.  You ultimately decide what you wear.  You hold the key to what looks best on you. You determine whether you look hot, sexy, studious, professional, or serious in a white suit with bold accessories like the light Eclectically Simple’s Pearl Essence Choker, dark Lapis Luxury men’s bracelet, or even the earthy Deep Forest Necklace.

Our designer Noème Nicole instills within us –her team, customers, and loved ones—to break fashion rules confidently.  Be unapologetically bold. Be You.

History, Myth, or Absurdity

The rule of not wearing white after Labor Day is considered history by some and absurdity by others.  Even until the present day, there is a debate about the history of and adherence to this rule or myth.

The Labor Day Debate

There are fashion historians who believe that the “Wear No White Rule After Labor Day” was founded upon three possible explanations:

  • Socioeconomic class distinction
  • Humanity’s practical need to dress for four seasons
  • Fashionable Trendsetting


Explanation 1: Socioeconomic Class Distinction

Throughout history and even until the present day; photographs, books, movies, cartoons, magazines, television, social media, and even real estate trends have documented the use of jewelry, clothes, shoes, and even speech to separate socioeconomic classes.

Similarly, fashion historians state that the “Wear No White Rule After Labor Day” was the byproduct of the upper-class having the ability to wear stylish white garments in sweltering summer temperatures where sweat could ruin the white clothing. 

Wearing white clothing in the sizzling summer temperatures prior to a certain time frame signified that this socio-economic class had enough expendable finances to waste or ruin money and clothing.

Because wearing white was also a strong social statement for those who spent their summers at seasonal homes away from the city, these members of the upper-class announced the end of the wealthy’s trendy summer season (and financial abilities) by stowing their white clothes, returning to their city dwelling, and wearing darker clothes to reflect the new fall season.

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Labor Day Question to Ponder

Did you follow the “Wear No White Rule After Labor Day” solely as tradition or because you knew the historical explanations behind the rule?

Explanation 2: Humanity’s Practical Need to Dress for Four Seasons

Another premise that has circulated throughout the years to explain the “Wear No White Rule After Labor Day” is the practical decision for comfort.  Noeme Nicole a native of New York City recollects that as one of the fashion capitals of the world, New York City experiences four seasons.  Many residents of cities experiencing four seasons similar to New York City dressed practically for comfort during the four seasons. 

As time passed and socioeconomic lines blurred in fashionable trends, many residents -- wealthy or not -- wore darker, heavier clothes to keep them warm in the fall and winter months and lighter clothes in color and weight to keep them cool in the summer and spring months. 

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Labor Day Question to Ponder

How do you feel about the use of jewelry, clothes, cars, and houses to distinguish the rich from the poor?

Explanation 3: Fashionable Trendsetting

A third explanation of the “Wear No White Rule After Labor Day” piggy backs on Explanation 2.  As fashionable trends transcended socioeconomic class distinctions and focused more on its artistic representation, practicality, and buyer’s fashionable acumen; magazines and popular literature marketed darker fall/winter clothing after Labor Day to promote the next stylish movement. 

Nevertheless, as Noème Nicole believes:

We are all trendsetters! So, be free.  Be Bold. Be Unapologetically You.

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