"Maia" Earrings - Eclectically Simple
"Maia" Earrings - Eclectically Simple
"Maia" Earrings - Eclectically Simple

"Maia" Earrings

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Did you know?
The circle is one of the oldest symbols of significance. They represent completion, wholeness, and harmony.
The focus of the Maia earrings is the circle, which represents wholeness, completion, and harmony.
The symbol created with the components of the earring was intended to favor the symbol of femininity. The purpose of these earrings is to be a reminder that we are fearlessly, wonderfully, uniquely made, and are complete just the way we are.
We named these earrings "Maia" which means confident and brave.
The demands of life may make us feel otherwise from any given moment but I hope these earrings will be a reminder for you that despite the many demands of life there is no one like you, you are brave and created for a purpose.
Let's walk in our purpose starting now!

Brass and African clay beads

Earwire: Gold-filled/Niobium/Sterling Silver

Length: ~ 3 1/4 - 3 1/2 inches

Width: 1 3/8 inches