JAIME - TWA Collection

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Jaime is sweet, energetic, and fun. Her presence permeates the room with a refreshing glow, and she is a devoted cheerleader who encourages and gives a positive light to any situation.

Earring Details:

    • Ear wire:
      • Gold-filled or Sterling Silver
    • Materials
      • Brass (sealed) or Sterling Silver
      • Suede
    • Weight: ~.5 oz. (Brass) Sterling ~.8 oz.
    • Length (including ear-wire): ~2 3/4 inches
    • Width: ~ 1 1/2 inch


A few tips for taking care of your suede earrings

    1. Hang them up or store them flat.
    2. Keep them away from water, makeup, and hair products.
    3. To fluff, the puff simply hold the cone and shake; and they are ready to wear.


Color Brick
Material Sterling Silver