JAIME  Necklace - TWA Collection - Eclectically Simple

JAIME Necklace - TWA Collection

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Our Jaime Necklace is part of our Tousled With Attitude (TWA) Collection.

Necklace inspired by a cheerleader puff and neck ring and created for the dynamic, robust, eclectic, trendsetting powerhouse of a woman. 

Each design is created to capture the presence of beautiful women that's impacted the designer's life.

Jaime is sweet, energetic, and fun. Her presence permeates the room with a refreshing glow, and she is a devoted cheerleader who encourages and gives a positive light to any situation.

Necklace Details:

    • Our chain is hypoallergenic brass, which is plated with a gold alloy and then coated with a mattifying topcoat for that brushed gold look. This plating results in a warm golden finish that has a subtle glow.
    • Puff: 25 mm
      • Hand-cut goat suede lace 
    • Necklace style: Lariat
    • Hand-forged brass spiral hook clasp


A few tips for taking care of your suede necklace.

    1. Hang it up or store it flat.
    2. Keep away from water, makeup, and hair products.
    3. To fluff, the puff simply hold the cone and shake; and they are ready to wear.